The Lester Family has recorded 4 educational CD’s that can teach your family, or class, how to sing in 2, 3, and 4 part harmony.

The Lester Family

The way they work is that each song is sung with the soprano, alto, tenor and bass separately, and then again with all parts sung together. Each child decides which part he/she wants to learn then listens and memorizes that part.

It is all done by ear without written notation. (Children generally find learning by ear to be very easy.) Once the parts are memorized, the family or class can practice singing the song in harmony without the help of the CD.

Here are the educational CD’s they now offer. (Listed in order of difficulty):

  • Traditional Rounds, Canons and Harmonies
    One of the best ways we know of to bring a group together for fun and harmony is to sing rounds.
  • Homestyle Harmony
    Each person sings completely different notes from the other singers, resulting in 2, 3, and 4 part harmony.
  • Learn Christmas HarmoniesFamily Style
    Your family can learn to sing traditional Christmas carols in 4-part harmony.
  • Learn Favorite Traditional Hymns In Harmony
    How would your family like to sing their favorite hymns together in harmony?


“Hello from Centralia, Washington. My husband gave me Traditional Rounds, Canons, and Harmonies and Homestyle Harmony for my birthday after we saw the link connected to John Holt. I have been playing the CDs while I cook and after awhile my 10 and 12 year old boys were going around singing the songs. (Sneaky plan…)

“Last evening we had the pleasure of singing together as a family for the first time at our little church Talent Show. It was so much fun to sing the Hello song, Buddies and Pals, and the Orchestra with my boys and my husband.

“Thanks to all of your family for spreading the joy of singing as a family for all these years!”
~ Leah W.

Dear friends and fans of the Lester Family recordings,

Abandon Ship’s First Album

The Lester boys have come a long way since ‘Traditional Rounds, Canons and Harmonies’ and ‘Only My Mama’!

Nathen, Damian, and Gabriel

Three of our boys, Nathen, Damian, and Gabriel, have a band called “Abandon Ship” and have released three albums to date. They wrote, played and sang every song on the albums. (Nathen was also the recording engineer.)

It is their intent to write meaningful, uplifting, contemporary music. It’s definitely rock and roll, but with sensitively-delivered, thought-provoking lyrics, memorable melodies, and striking 3-part harmonies. If we do say so ourselves, we think it’s fabulous!!

If you would like to see what the Lester boys look like now and to order or get more details please visit the Abandon Ship web site.

jt shakers the wildest christmasThe Wildest Christmas is a story about a young person who has the problem that Santa is stuck in his chimney; it tells the story of getting him out and on his way with a happy ending.

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